Let's talk about food.

Let's talk about food.

Hi! I’m Lindsay. I love pizza, beets, cheese, and football.

Food is one of the most important things in my life. I love cooking and eating and talking about cooking and eating, and over the past couple years there’s been a repeating refrain from several people in my life: “you should write a blog”. Well, here we are.

It is important to me that my food is sourced, prepared, and savored with intention and joy. I am an ecstatic omnivore who is always trying to be better about sourcing my food in a responsible manner. I believe wholeheartedly in the value of cooking from scratch, and think it’s something that everyone can do. The goal of this blog is to show how anyone can cook delicious, thoughtful meals if they make it a priority. I am also a proud proponent of family dinner. Growing up, my family was one of the only ones I knew who gathered at the table for dinner most nights. I’ve brought this with me into my adult life, and my husband Dan and I have dinner together nearly every night - at the dinner table, with no tv or phones. Dinner time is sacred in our house.

So, welcome! In this space, I will be writing about food, cooking, politics (even food is political, y’all), and probably sports, at some point. You can expect links to favorite recipes, love letters to favorite ingredients, cookbook recommendations, rambling about why I love grocery shopping, and what I’ve learned about meal planning. I’m really glad you’re here.

To make it worth your while, here’s a recipe I made recently for a dear friend’s birthday - sour cherry slab pie from Smitten Kitchen (aka gigantic toaster strudel). I had never had sour cherries before, but as someone who loves not-too-sweet desserts, this hit the spot. Cherry season is almost over here in New York, so run to the farmer’s market asap if you want to make it!